Deviating From The Status ...



The typical news release offers less drama than watching Aunt Bee on a rerun of The Andy Griffith Show.  For those under 50 not familiar with the sitcom just listening to the show’s theme song tells you all you need to know.

Of course, I recognize that companies need to announce products and other types of news in which the subject matter doesn’t lend itself to the next Pulitzer Prize.

With that said, story telling has a place in the humble news release.

I’m going to break my rule of discussing Agency work and discuss Agency work.

In support of one of Sony’s consumer electronic products called DVDirect we recently created a news release with the headline: “Dilemma: Home Videos Trapped in Closets, Shoeboxes and Drawers”

Not bad.

By looking at the product through the eyes of the consumer the team crafted a clever kick off with relevance to the target audience. In addition, a microsite was devoted to the story as a boost beyond the news release.

It all made for an effective package that generated pick up in a range of print publications and the blogosphere.

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