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You don’t think B2B trade publications have a sense of humor?

Think again.

SmallBusinessComputing recently covered a new storage device from Fabrik with the following photo and caption:

Pass the Wasabi: What looks like an elegant way to serve sushi is, in fact, Fabrik’s eco-friendly, bamboo-encased external drive.

The juxtaposition of the wasabi and a hard disk drive makes for a good caption.

I’ve always thought that if a line brings a smile to the reader’s face, you’re on the right track.

Reminds me of a caption that ran in Electronic News years ago on a new Hitachi optical disc: Holds ten gigabytes of storage or approximately nine jelly donuts. Sure enough, the photo depicted one of the Hitachi executives holding the disc as a serving platter showcasing the finest from the local Dunkin Donuts.


  • Erin

    It’s nice to see you blogging about our [re]drive. ;0) Lauren Simonds at SmallBusinessComputing.com has a great sense of humor, doesn’t she? Although it’s ecofriendly and is great for storing/backing up you content, we can also serve up some fine cheese and wine (although not recommended on the drive)! You Game?

  • Lou Hoffman

    I agree that Lauren Simonds has a great sense of humor which SmallBusinessComputing.come let’s her express. And I would take cheese and wine over donuts any day.

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