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I said I would experiment in 2011, and experiment I did.

Most experiments involved exploring media-like qualities like books reviews, interviews and reverse-engineering storytelling in the media.

I think it’s fair to say these types of posts added a touch of panache to this corner.

I also learned that crafting a proper Q&A from a wide-ranging interview takes serious time.

In the future, I plan to stick with the three-question interview. There’s no getting around that these posts require less time.

Sure, the right questions directed to the right person can make for a fresh take (or two). Personally, I thought one of the more interesting reads last year was the Q&A with the king of slang, Jonathon Green, which came out of this format.

I did think about resurrecting the Iron Reporter (patterned after the Iron Chef) which compares two journalists writing a story on the same topic. Again, it’s a matter of making the time for a type of post that can’t be cranked out in an hour.

As for what didn’t work, the Google analytics say there appears to be a correlation between topics that particularly amuse me and less viewership. This is a tough one. It’s not like I know when the amusement meter hits 90. I suppose greater self-awareness would improve my editorial filter.

I’ll try.

One tweak I will be making this year —

I often come across tidbits that aren’t quite enough fodder for a full-blown post. Instead, I’ll collect these and when I have critical mass write what I’m calling a “Grab-bag” post.

And I recognize the “look and feel” of the blog desperately needs help, another action on the 2012 to-do list.

As always, your comments and insights add to the color.

I have this feeling that 2012 will play out as the Year of the Word.

TIME will tell.


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