Flippin’ Pancakes ...


Taking a break from dissecting storytelling techniques, here’s a look behind the curtain at the Agency.

Our annual pancake breakfast in our Silicon Valley office took place yesterday. As part of this tradition, the senior team cooked breakfast for the staff.

I think it’s fair to say that a good time was had by all.

Hoffman agency fun pancake event

Kudos to Scott VanSickle and Brenda Foster for organizing the big event.

As a testament to the food, several people mentioned they don’t “do carbs” in the morning, but made an exception for the pancake fest.

Most folks ordered the pancakes, sausage and fruit.

pancake, sausage and fruit

In answer to the question, “How many PR people does it take to handle one griddle?” Vishal Bali, Scott VanSickle and Steve Burkhart (left to right) prove the answer to be three.

how many PR people does it take to handle one griddle

Lydia, Lau, our VP of operations based in Hong Kong, was in Silicon Valley this week and volunteered for the sausage station.

That’s Lydia in the background concentrating on turning a link (sausage, not a URL).

Hoffman agency VP of operations volunteered for sausage station

As you can see in the foreground, like McDonald’s we also offered some healthy alternatives.

It’s exhausting channeling a short-order cook.

After everyone was properly fortified for the morning, I took a break along my wife, Heather.

hoffman agency - lou and heather

In the spirit of community, we’re happy to share our expertise and lessons learned with other organizations interested in exploring their own “Flippin’ Pancakes” event.

Note: Special thanks to Carlos Mangandy for photographing the festivities.


  • Lydia Lau

    It was my honor to serve the team and it’s a good way to start the amazing day – can tell from your smile at the end of the day 🙂

  • Lou Hoffman

    You handled the sausage station like a pro.

  • George

    What a great event. Those berries look amazing.

  • Lou Hoffman

    I’ll share a little secret.

    They tasted amazing too!

  • Lydia

    You can judge the pancake demonstration in September Lou! Hope I can be a pro too.


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