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I’m not talking about our friend Lord Baelish who discovered that chaos wasn’t exactly a ladder. I simply like the line.

With the last season of “Game of Thrones” soon to kick off, it’s a good time to dust off a lesson in persuasive language from the show.

Let’s turn our attention to Tyrion’s plea to Daenerys in Season 5, Episode 8. He’s pining for that top trusted advisor role in Daenerys’ inner circle. It’s either that or he’s headed for the fighting pit where the odds don’t favor him.



Tyrion’s performance calls to mind Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men.” It’s not just about the words, though they’re powerful in the movie, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.” It’s how Jack commands the stage.

Likewise, Tyrion transforms his surroundings into a stage. He’s not working off a PowerPoint slide deck. He’s not wooing Daenerys with special effects. There’s no teleprompter.

It’s just Tyrion demonstrating the power of words when you strip away the “decorations.”

Game of Thrones Tyrion


It really is a lesson in persuasive language.

The scene doesn’t start well for Tyrion with Daenerys shoo-shooing Jorah to be still: “You will not speak.” Nothing like trying to sell a customer who’s grouchy and cynical.

I encourage you to watch Tyrion’s performance in this five-minute video. He nails the issues that he knows will resonate with Daenerys. You’ve got a bad-guy problem, Sistah, and it’s only getting worse.

There is a time and a place for slides. Yet, when everything is on the line — something life-changing, escaping the middle seat on an international flight, etc. — go it alone.

Given Tyrion’s uncanny knack for figuring things out and living to see another day, he’s the perfect person to take us through this SlideShare on persuasive language.


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