Georgia Chooses Numbers Over ...


Advertising, not public relations, embraces storytelling techniques.


I came across an ad for the country of Georgia with the headline:

Georgia, The World’s number 1 in fighting corruption.

While not a fan of Styrofoam-finger advertising, this sounded promising.

Anytime you have good fighting evil, a potential story lurks around the corner.

Unfortunately, the people behind the Georgia ad decided to pummel us with stats, starting with the opener:

According to the 2010 Global Corruption Barometer by Transparency International, 78% of Georgians think that corruption has decreased over the past three years.

You impressed?

I thought so.

The body copy goes on to share that only 3 percent of Georgians who had contact with various public services reported paying a bribe in the past 12 months (no detail on whether this includes the DMV).

And the numbers drumbeat continues.

georgia corruption ad

I have to say, I question a value proposition that plays off Bud Light Commercials:

Less Bribes, More Business

It also strikes me as a platform that would gain greater credibility in PR form.

If you insist on going this route, at least put together a story with drama and the good guy winning.

Because numbers by themselves don’t move people to buy.


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