Government Shutdown Hushed Federal ...



  • Chris

    Curious: Do you have a source for the $1k per day to run a government Twitter account statistic? Seems high to me.

    • hoffman

      Hi Chris,

      I was hoping no one would ask that question.

      It’s just back-of-the-envelope math that goes something like this-

      Between the research, writing the tweet, securing approval and posting, I figure each tweet takes 1.5 hours of manpower. At four tweets per day, that’s six hours at an average cost of $150 per hour (higher if the work involves an outside agency) which gets us to $900. Add in monitoring the Twitter account as well as interacting with folks who direct tweets directly to the account and you can actually end up above the $1K number. While some might quibble with the $150 per hour number, even if you have a junior (cheaper) person writing the tweets, you still end up with senior people touching the process during the review/management cycle.


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