Granddaughter Has a Way ...


It’s that time of year, prompting me to dust off my favorite birthday card from my granddaughter, Addy.

In the spirit of full disclosure, she crafted this card some time ago, and I have posted about it before.

Still, if TBS can show “It’s A Wonderful Life” every year on Christmas Day, I figure I can recast Addy’s words every Nov. 14.


birthday card handwritten.

Not only does “it keep going on,” but life is pretty darn good. My family surrounds with me love and bad puns. The photo below shows my oldest son and Addy’s dad, Otis, in the back row with daughter Grace, in the front row, son Elliot on my far left with my wife and my little brother — still my little brother even though he’s taller – at my side.



My parents are still enjoying an active life, devoting a chunk of time to The Child Language Center developed by the Scottish Rite. This photo shows Heather and me with my parents in Singapore last year walking Haji Lane.



We have an eclectic group of friends who value conversation, food and laughter.

And “Outlanders” has been renewed for a fourth season.

Yes, life keeps going on.



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