HA Jamz Brings Out ...


By Shereen Masoud-Jointe, Account Executive (Europe)


From smooth, slow instrumentals to hip hop with contemporary socio-political commentary, this week’s playlist additions put us in touch with our feelings.


22.   Feels So Good — Chuck Mangione

23.   Walking In The Snow — Run The Jewels

24.   Symphony No. 2 in D Major — Jean Sibelius

25.   Shall We Talk — Eason Chan

26.   Marching Forward — Lin Chung (向前走,林強)


Account Coordinator Matthew Medlin’s backstory for his choice, Run The Jewels’ “walking in the snow,” was a tale of adventure, unrequited love, and ultimately, of the value of friendship:


“I love music, which is why I debated about what song to send for a really long time. I love music because it can capture a moment, an emotion, and say exactly what you’re feeling inside, at the perfect instant.

During the Disney College Program in Anaheim, I met a girl named Ally very near the end of our seven-month stay (as in, two weeks before it finished), and was nothing short of smitten. We went on a few dates, but nothing really came of it. So that December, on an extended winter break in my final year of college, I flew across the country to Florida to visit her. A girl who I’d only known for three weeks, with just two days’ notice. (Yes, I was a hopeless romantic who, apparently, desperately wanted to recreate a rom com, but that’s beside the point). Long story short, things didn’t go as I’d hoped. She didn’t profess her love for me, we definitely didn’t live happily ever after, and it turns out that being on your own in Disney World isn’t all that fun. But she did introduce me to a band by the name of Run The Jewels.

Fast forward to today, and we’re actually great friends. Ally lives in Pittsburgh, but we talk all the time, often about the world events/how we’re doing in this pandemic. Our weekly calls are something I always look forward to, and hopefully we’ll be able to meet in person again, once this pandemic is over with (at some point). And every time I listen to this band, I’m reminded of/am grateful for our friendship. It might not have been what I was after, but I’m sure glad to have a friend like her.”


As always, you can follow along on our Spotify playlist.

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