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By Shereen Masoud-Jointe, Account Executive (Europe)


We all have that song in our repertoire that we turn to when we need a good cry, or for when we just gotta let loose, or to get pumped for the day. This week, our colleagues shared the tracks that really put them in the zone — emotionally, and in one case, professionally.


41.   Me Quedo Contigo — Leoni Tor res

42.   Eye of the Tiger — Survivor

43.   Apollo — Last Dinosaurs

44.   Nunchucks — Jay Chou


Akansha Rai, an account director at Hoffman’s Singapore office, gave a dramatic account of how “Eye of the Tiger” set the mood for one of her first big wins as a young professional:


This happened Long, Long Ago.

We were participating in a global RFP. I was the youngest member in the room (both in age and level) where we were discussing the “how to win” aspects of the RFP. My Global CEO wanted me to present slides and share my perspective during the meeting with the client, since I worked with the client closely in a past role. But my stress level was high. While I prepared all night pulling together my notes and practicing my slides, I was nervous.

As if a room full of C-suite team leads across verticals and my lack of sleep the previous night were not enough, I realised (only upon reaching the venue) that I was wearing a crisp pants suit, but forgot to change to heels. Yes, I was standing there in my KEDs! Being already immersed in self-doubt, I was then petrified.

So I got inside the prep room and saw everyone discussing the proposal, sharing their points of view. The meeting was about to start in some 20 minutes. I took some deep breaths, thought of one of the most powerful thoughts I know of (i.e., I am in control of my actions, and if I act then I either accomplish goals and find fulfilment, or fail, but still learn from the experience — so why not act to the best of my ability). I put my notes aside and plugged in my headset to listen to “Eye of the Tiger.” I must have clocked 100s of hours running/ exercising listening to this amazing track before that, but I had never thought of using it for such an occasion.

It instantly gave me the adrenaline rush that I needed for this presentation.

By the end of the track, the self-doubts just disappeared and I was full of energy and confidence. I presented my portion, responded to client questions, contributed to the RFP and (most importantly) we also WON the mandate — which was one of the biggest ones for the agency that whole year.

Even today when I hear it, I feel like going for a run, starting something new, or going for a motorbike ride.


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