HAlloween Olympics Takes Center ...


The official Olympics motto reads, “Faster – Higher – Stronger.”

Yesterday’s HAlloween Olympics took a few liberties with these words. OK, it might have been more than a few liberties.

Here’s what I mean …

HAlloween games - Donut On A String

This event tested the mouth-eye coordination of the athletes. First one to snag the hanging donut and ingest it won.

HAlloween games - The Mummy Wrap

The “create a mummy in toilet paper” was one of the team events, requiring the mummy to stand still while his or her compadres spun a tomb in real time. I thought all the hours spent in my youth teepeeing the neighbors’ yards would give me an advantage. It didn’t.

Question for our VP of operations—

Does our liability insurance cover injuries sustained during one of the Halloween events?

Halloween costumes - Mad Men team

Halloween costume - Gangnam team

Halloween costume - Social Media team

The costumes certainly added flair to the competition.

As you can see above, the social media does exist in the physical word. I’m thankful no one decided to come as Snapchat. That would have been weird.

We even got a visit from PSY and his Gangnam crew. I actually think PSY looks better in black than lime green.

The winner of the competition was Mad Men. They nailed it down to the colors, hair styles and cigarettes.

Here’s a photo of all the participants.

Halloween costumes - HA group picture

And yes, that’s a judge, super heroes (the perfect description for our operations team), and the “irresistible” Justin Bieber joining Mad Men, Social Media and the Gangnam ensemble.

Until next year …

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