Let’s Hope TMZ Doesn’t ...


I’ve avoided clickbait for nearly nine years and 1,096 posts … until now.



The headline for this post definitely qualifies as clickbait. You’re not going to find a video on Kim Kardashian dissing her mom.

With that said, watching my mom share her unfiltered insights on the business of public relations does offer “shocking” discoveries. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I figured the timing was right to dust off this video.

A few years back I was in Tucson visiting my parents and decided to put my Mom’s knowledge of the PR profession to the test. With my trusty videographer, my brother Jerry, and an iPhone, I interviewed my Mom. Our budget didn’t allow for a sound engineer, so you’ll likely need to dial up the volume on your device.

Take a look.



I don’t know if my Mom has read all of my posts, but she’s an avid reader of the blog. By her way of thinking, the blog is an extension of my youth: “You always liked telling stories.”

I’m thinking that’s not a compliment.

Right, the story is always there.


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