I Told My Mom, ...


This wacky business of PR isn’t easy to understand if you’re standing on the outside.

I was curious about how much my mom had absorbed on the PR profession through sheer osmosis and interviewed her a few years back on the topic. Armed with an iPhone and my trusty videographer — that would be my “little” brother — I strived for the hard-hitting journalist minus the cigarette with the ash protruding half of inch.

Here’s the result.



Right, I’m not exactly the second coming of Mike Wallace on “60 Minutes.”

But I do want to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” to my mom who taught me “to roll with the punches.”

My mom also happens to be a good sport.

You can’t make one’s mom a brand attribute — I can hear the focus groups revolting — but my mom has made periodic appearances over the years in our communications. In fact, the announcement on the formation of the Agency riffing on the “My son, he could have been a doctor or a lawyer …” came from my mom.


Like I said, she’s a good sport.

And after 30 years, she has come to terms that her oldest son isn’t going to be a doctor or a lawyer.


  • Dude Stro

    1. “You should’ve taken that job from Uncle Barry to write the Elks Club Newsletter. You could’ve moved back to Phoenix.”
    2. “At least Mr. Big Shot, you’re not living in the UK anymore. And you moved your office from that little closet in Sunnyvale, to San Jose.”
    3. “Digital schmigital.”

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Hoffman. // You’ve brightened up my world and mad me laugh many times. // Thank you.

    • Lou Hoffman

      I’m not so sure writing for the Elks Club would be any less stressful (plus, who wants to take orders from a someone wearing an antler hat).

      P.S. Will make sure the Mom sees this.


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