Quantifying a Company’s International ...


If it weren’t for our international offices, the business of communications wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

After 100-plus trips overseas since 1994, my senses still go on red alert when I’m boarding that United flight at SFO headed to Asia or Europe (no jokes about correlating the “red alert” to how United treats customers).

But this international mentality runs deeper than flying overseas. It permeates our entire organization from top to bottom and sideways.

I’ve always felt that curiosity is embedded at the DNA level of the best PR professionals. An international dimension feeds this curiosity. Forget business for a minute. Simply collaborating with colleagues around the world and intersecting with different cultures makes life more interesting.

The Agency celebrated its 30-year anniversary earlier this month. While most of our team overseas couldn’t be here for the big day, they made their presence felt with their own form of visual storytelling.


Korea Team

For those who don’t read Korean, the three-part sign says “The Hoffman Agency,” “30th Anniversary,” “Congratulations.” The model structure in the foreground stands for Namdaemun, the South Gate in English, one of the most historical buildings in Korea.


European Team

This shot of the European team includes our UK team and a couple colleagues based in Germany. Nice touch with the HA 30 heart that I’m sure we’ll repurpose on Valentine’s Day


Beijing Team

What’s a birthday without a birthday cake (or two)?


Hong Kong Team

I think our Hong Kong team has been watching American football games on tape delay. The only thing missing is the foam finger exclaiming, “We’re Number 1!”


Shanghai Team

Our colleagues from Shanghai deftly bring our 30-year branding into the picture.




Japan Team

Taking a page from stand-up comedians, our Japan team members decided to share their 30-year greetings without any props and non-verbal communications.




Singapore Team

Walking to their own drummer, our Singapore team created a clever GIF that allows multiple folks to hold the same sign in rapid fashion.


I recognize that Silicon Valley isn’t a nationality, but I think of us as a Silicon Valley company. We don’t see borders in our business. We value courage and teamwork and getting things done … and when you can’t get something done, problem-solve to figure out a way to get it done.


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