How Does Semiconductor Storytelling ...


We’ve discussed how storytelling techniques can open doors in the business and mainstream media.

HP provides a good Exhibit A. By packaging a story on how the University of Minnesota took proceeds from licensing the “code” from Honeycrisp apples to help pay for a supercomputer, they secured interest from Ashlee Vance at The New York Times.

With this in mind, we decided to analyze how The Wall Street Journal covers the semiconductor market.

Specifically, we captured all articles that included the word “semiconductor” in The Wall Street Journal during the third quarter of this year and broke down the coverage by article type. You can see how this plays out in the pie chart below.

semiconductor story

We weren’t surprised that the vast majority of articles relate to stock price movement.

What caught our attention is that today’s Journal leaves little room for semiconductor stories that don’t fit into the forecast category or company news.

Drilling down another layer, we identified the semiconductor companies covered in the Q3 data pool.

semiconductor stories

One would expect The Journal to pay considerable attention to Intel, the largest chip company in the world.

Beyond Intel, the bulk of meaningful coverage gets devoted to DRAM companies.

What’s the upshot?

If you’re a semiconductor company with a good story not tied to hard news, you’re probably best served pursuing The Journal’s tech blog where stories such as Abu Dhabi’s Ambitions for Chip Manufacturing Hub appear.

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