How Far Should Yahoo! ...


There’s a fresh question Ms. Mayer.

I recognize that media properties are still struggling to crack the code on how to make money in the digital era.

Still, I question the long-term value of applying the advertorial concept to a banner ad.

Here’s what I’m talking about specific to the Yahoo News channel.

Yahoo News maximizes its real estate with stories appearing in the right-hand column where readers are conditioned to see advertising.

business storytelling public relations media journalism Yahoo

OK, that’s not a capital offense.

Things get interesting though when scrolling down the home page where we find this.

business storytelling public relations media journalism Yahoo

It’s packaged like a Yahoo! News story.

The visual ties to a topic, not a company.

The typeface is the same as Yahoo! News stories, only in black.

The opening line is crafted like a story:

(Sept, 2012) If you drive in California, you better read …

But this is an ad that takes you to an insurance pitch.

business storytelling public relations media journalism advertising

Here’s the part I just don’t get.

What’s the upside in fooling readers that an anticipated story on driving in California is actually a shill for insurance?

At best, it annoys readers.

I wouldn’t exactly call it “evil,” but it seems very un-Google like.

Given what’s on Ms Mayer’s plate, I suspect this won’t make her to-do list anytime soon.

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