How Nieman Lab Protects ...


I like the work that comes out of Nieman Lab.

While the property caters to journalists, it’s a good read for communicators who push beyond the status quo with features like “Why’s This So Good?” (reverse engineers storytelling).

I’ve always thought PR professionals should spend more time analyzing the storytelling techniques in a range of publications. This way, you gain a better understanding of what journalists are looking for and can hone your content accordingly.

With companies redefining owned media with greater investment, this only makes more sense.

It turns out there are tidbits to be had from media properties like Nieman Lab on the digital side too.

For example —

No surprise, Nieman Lab uses @NiemanLab for its Twitter handle.

Nieman Lab twitter

The wrinkle comes from anticipating people who will misspell the property.

Check this out.

Nieman lab twitter handle 2

You’ve got to love the levity in reminding the world, “I before E, except after C!”

And yes, I did stumble across this by forgetting the axiom (please forgive me, Mr. Tuttle).

I suppose the fact that this dead account with one tweet on May 15, 2009 has secured 372 followers shows people will follow anything.

Still, it doesn’t exactly reflect well on CalPERS – the investment arm of California’s state employees which manages an investment portfolio of $237 billion and change – that it happens to be one of the 372.

Nieman lab twitter followers

Moving along—

Neiman Lab has even covered those who misspelled through the plural path.

Nieman lab twitter handle 3

A technique to consider with your company’s Twitter account.

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