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sociagilityThat’s the question that The Holmes Report set out to answer.

To put science behind the quest, Holmes engaged Sociagility which measured each global agency’s social media footprint. 

Sociagility uses what it calls the PRINT social media performance measurement methodology

The PRINT Index measures five attributes of social media performance – popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach and trust – across various social channels. 

Here’s how the data played out.  

pr rankings

“We’re No. 9” has a nice ring to it, particularly taking into account we’re above mega-shops like Weber Shandwick and Burson. Big – Weber Shandwick’s revenue comes in at $525M and Burson registers at $435M – doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

It also turns out we ranked highest in the popularity score. I hope to find out more about how we took the popularity gold when I talk with Sociagility on January 30 (not that I’m complaining). 

As pleased as I am with the data, I would be remiss if I didn’t repeat our internal mantra – 

Social media is not the prize. 

It’s one of many tools to help clients fortify their online presence.


  • George

    Congratulations on your rankings. Are you going to follow up on this post after your talk on the 30th or will you post something new?

  • Lou Hoffman

    Thanks George.

    Yes, I’m hoping the chat with Sociagility will offer enough fodder for a follow-up post.

    I’m especially interested in how the tool makes sense of the qualitative side (which gets into how we ended up with the highest popularity score).

  • Matthew Ray Scott

    Congratulations. I’m really learning from you and your blog and just wanted to say thanks and a well earned recognition.

  • Lou Hoffman

    Thanks a ton for the positive words.

    I think that’s the best part of our jobs-

    The learning never stops.

    P.S. Like the clever name that umbrellas your firm.

  • Andrew M. Scott

    Congratulations on being ranked as #9, Lou! I liked the indexing system that Socialgility used for measurement. Also love the internal mantra.

  • Lou Hoffman

    Good hearing from you Andrew.


    According to a few searches on the web, “we’re number nine” appears to be unique.


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