Imagining Alternate Realities With ...


By Shereen Masoud-Jointe, Senior Account Executive (Europe)


This week’s HA Jamz additions remind me that although things haven’t been “normal” in a while, music can give us a portal to other possibilities.


100.   陳綺貞 (Cheer Chen) – 旅行的意義 (Travel Is Meaningful)

101.   Oh Happy Day — Sisters in Gospel

102.   Dreams — Fleetwood Mac

103.   Rapid Fire — Cruel Santino feat. Shane Eagle, Tomi Agape & Amaarae


Account Manager at HA-Taiwan Stephen Wang chose a song that may hit a sore spot for a lot of us — but it can be hopeful with the right perspective:


Although the official translation of the title of the song is “Travel Is Meaningful,” I prefer to interpret it as “the Meaning of Traveling.” With most of us trapped within our immediate surroundings for the most of 2020, it is really fascinating to discover how we as human beings prefer to not stay put in one place, but rather to explore and experience the world as much as we can. Hopefully as the pandemic dies down sooner or later, we can realize as much of our original traveling plans as possible, and discover the meaning of traveling.


Ameen! (That’s the Arabic translation of “Amen”)

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