Just One Vignette Can ...


The difference between classic storytelling and applying storytelling techniques to business communications often comes down to this—

Storytelling in business does not require a full narrative.

Just one wrinkle can be enough to elevate a story.

Take a look at the story below on a new coffee maker in Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Do you have any idea how many new makes and models of coffee gear get introduced every year?

Literally hundreds.

Yet, Bodum earns a full page in BusinessWeek by pointing out the same concept that delivers the perfect shower has now been applied to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

The point is, supporting content can be a door opener.

Sidenote: I checked out the coffee maker on the Bodum web site. While not thrilled with the dense block of copy on the site, the conversational language hits the mark:

Has there ever been a coffee system in more dire need of re-invention than the drip system? It’s almost become a synonym for bitter, bad tasting coffee. Well, no more:

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