LinkedIn Encourages Bad Behavior ...


The underpinnings of any social network revolve around the interactions.

By personalizing those interactions, we share a little about ourselves and make connections.

For all the things that are great about LinkedIn – there are plenty, not the least being pulling other social feeds into one’s profile – it defies logic that LinkedIn encourages impersonal interactions by defaulting to a boilerplate when someone sends a let’s-connect message on the platform.

Here’s an example of the boilerplate that arrives in my inbox 90+ percent of the time.

linkedin default

Not exactly brimming with a personal touch.

If I was Reid Hoffman (not related, but open to offers on, I would simply leave the box blank, prompting the sender to write a personalized note.

What a concept.

In such a scenario, Mr. Gladwell might have written the following:

linked in personal message

How hard is it to start with the person’s name?

Even if you don’t write for a living, crafting such a note takes less than 120 seconds.

120 seconds for a personalized let’s-connect note on LinkedIn.

Seems like a reasonable ROI.

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