#LoveLocal Campaign: Savvy Communications ...


Capitalizing on an almanac event by itself doesn’t constitute creative communications.

After all, it’s easy enough to plan for these events.

But the Square Valentine’s Day promo stands out and not just because of the creativity and production values of the video.

The nitty-gritty execution from Square shows a well-thought-out strike.

For example, the company set up a separate tumblr for the video at the URL, happyvalentinesdaylovesquare.tumblr.com.

By inserting these key words into the URL and assuming an avalanche of backlinks come to the page, this will be a gift that keeps on giving (through organic search).

The other thing I like that I never considered is the way they break out content from the video that can work as a stand-alone visual.

Valentines Day-puppy love

Note these visuals are packaged to be Pinterest-friendly.

All tied together with #LoveLocal.

You can see the video below, which currently only has 302 views, a number sure to skyrocket in the coming days.

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