“Redeploying” MWC 2020 Branded ...


By Chris Owen, Director UK

Well that escalated. Mark and I were talking on Tuesday about Mobile World Congress (MWC) and — at that moment in time — the ever-increasing numbers of companies pulling their attendance at the show due to coronavirus (a number of companies that has now reached “all of them”, of course).

‘This is going to leave a ton of branded pens, pads, T-shirts, and stress balls kicking around from people who aren’t going’, we joked.

Then we realised, this is going to leave a ton of MWC2020-branded merchandise kicking around. Merchandise which could, arguably, be used elsewhere (schools aren’t going to turn their noses up at a few thousand Intel-branded pens, right?) or at the very least recycled.

So, we’re going to try and do what we can to make it happen. But we can’t do it alone.

Branded pens and pads … we’re looking into organisations about distributing these to schools.

T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies … again, there’s plenty of places across the world where these could be despatched.

And stress balls … well, we’re looking at how to recycle those. A huge ball pit perhaps?

Because otherwise, this lot is just going to sit around. And we have connections to make it happen, and where we don’t, we’ll find them.

Drop us a line if you’ve kit. Drop us a line if you’ve got a connection to someone who can help with collection, distribution, recycling. Then, once we know the process for collection and distribution, we’ll be in touch and hopefully get cracking.

Email: recycleMWC@hoffman.com

Sound good? Zoe at the BBC mentioned it, so it must be a good idea, right?


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