Dusting Off the Interview ...


I interviewed my Mom last year in honor of Mother’s Day.

Doing my best imitation of Geraldo Rivera  — we both attended the University of Arizona and we both wear glasses — I peppered her with questions thinking that she didn’t understand the PR business. Heck, after 30+ years in PR, there are times when I feel like I don’t understand the communications business.

It turned out that I was wrong.

Actually, my Mom has a pretty good grasp of the PR world, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

While it was disappointing that she didn’t immediately know my blog’s name, she quickly bounced back as it became clear she’s an avid reader of the blog. How else could she have known that it offers “very interesting articles”?

Last week, both my Mom and my Dad immersed themselves in the PR industry, attending The Holmes Report SABRE Awards dinner in New York with my wife Heather, our U.S. general manager Steve Burkhart and me.

While we didn’t take home the gold and we needed a periscope to see the stage — table #82 was literally behind a partial wall at the back of the room — we still managed to enjoy ourselves.  Heather took the photo below of me and my parents, with the Mom once again directing traffic.

Holmes Report SABRE Awards- Lou Hoffman and parents

I have to admit. It’s more fun attending events with my parents now than it was as a child being dragged to Ricky’s bar mitzvah.




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