Never Underestimate The Power ...


The headline comes from a Canal+ video (brought to my attention by one of our vice presidents, John Radewagen).

Our protagonist in this story cheats death four times by his recollection in the space of 74 seconds:

  • Bullets
  • Cut-down tree
  • Waterfall
  • Lumber mill blades

Of course, the real twist comes at the end when he shares the “story” with a straight face to the husband.

I’m not sure any of us can aspire to bring this type of drama to business stories — and if you can, your characters (executives) are probably a little too colorful — but it’s still fun to see how this story builds to the unexpected payoff.

Maybe we should try producing a product demo video in French with English subtitles.


  • Jack Shandle

    Hi Lou,
    Is there a better way to tell a story than a professionally produced video? I’ve been in print journalism all my life but I’m quickly becoming a video convert. The big question is how to produce a video that works. What challenges do you see in getting video right?
    Jack Shandle

  • Lou Hoffman

    The video scene today reminds me of desktop publishing in the early days when laser jet printers and postscript arrived on the scene.

    All of the sudden, everyone became a “publisher” and the results showed.

    But over time the expertise of the average of the person increased and the tools became better ultimately generating a better product.

    With that said, there’s still plenty of need and opportunity for the professional desktop publisher.

    I think we’re going to see video evolve in a similar manner.

    Obviously, there’s no way the average person can create a video like the one from Canal+.


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