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The Year of the Horse officially kicked off on January 31 with the 15-day celebration coming to an end today (known as the Lantern Festival)

Our Singapore team saw an opportunity to bring the Chinese New Year and the PR profession together as an infographic, part of our push to experiment with visual storytelling using ourselves as the laboratory. Adele Soh led the charge with help from Bridget Kow and our designer Samantha Lim.

Hoffman infographic - Chinese New Year 2014

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<div align="center"><a href=" not-the-most-intuitive-mashup-public-relations-the-chinese-new-year" title="Not the Most Intuitive Mashup: Public Relations + the Chinese New Year"><img src=" infographic - Chinese New Year 2014?utm_source=infographic&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=infographic" alt="Infographic - Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse" style="border:none;" /></a><br /> <small>The Hoffman Agency is a public relations firm that emphasizes storytelling in <a href="">business communication</a></small>.</div>

The post on our Facebook page included:

  • Fret not my fellow PR professionals, we’ve got the perfect workout plan to get you back in shape in no time.

Connecting any type of fresh storytelling to a timely event increases the likelihood of sharing, a classic PR technique. In our case, we saw a spike of social shares as well as the publication Marketing Interactive picking up the story.

But what got my attention was the team’s courage to push for the fun quotient. As I’ve shared before, levity in the killer app in business communications.

BTW, I plan to stay away from those pineapple tarts.


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