Novelist Takes Parody A ...


During my investigation of novelists and their personal biographies, I stumbled across a clever use of owned media by Team Grisham.

Every publisher sends out copies of a new novel to various media in hopes of garnering positive reviews.

The marketing team behind John Grisham’s latest novel, “The Litigators,” went one step further.

They created a fake TV ad promoting the “esteemed” law firm of Finley & Figg which delivers the storytelling fodder for the novel.

Good stuff. (Surprised there’s less than 12K views.)

The Dr. Seuss-like rhymes recited with a classic Chicago accent – “Hit by a bus; good thing you came to us” – work.

Also enjoyed the insider’s reference to all those staking claim for inventing Facebook.

Perhaps the Winklevoss twins will contact Finley & Figg about taking their case.

Oh, that’s right.

They already settled.


  • Katie

    Good use of video. Love a well done parody. “Thumb that up on Facebook!”

  • Lou Hoffman

    Totally agree.

    Even if one isn’t a Grisham fan, the video will at least prompt a chuckle.


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