Occupy Wall Street Movement ...


The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow.

It’s one thing to crowd source a speaking pulpit in New York.

Wall Street Protests 1

But the movement has picked up momentum weaving its way to cities across the country.

In the latest sign that these “people” aren’t going away, Occupy Wall Street set up camp at The Hoffman Agency yesterday.

You can see the protestors during a lighter moment lounging around their tent.

Wall Street Protests 2

I think that was Green Day playing in the background, but didn’t want to get too close.

Note the ample supply of soda pop in an ice chest in the lower right corner of the photo. I’m proud to say the Agency supplied these. The last thing we need is a protestor going down from dehydration.

Looking at the big picture, Bloomberg BusinessWeek pointed out the strength of this movement is old school:

Their chief weapon is neither eloquence nor argument, but their physical presence.

I can vouch for that.

In the photo below, the ringleaders took an aggressive stance that caught management’s attention.

Wall Street Protests 3

So what actually is their story?

In a word, betterhalloweencandy.

After replacing the candy corn with the likes of Snickers and Skittles, the tents came down and the protestors dispersed.

I don’t believe their antics disrupted the legit “trick or treaters” that walked the halls of the Agency yesterday.


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