Those Pernicious PR People, ...


The grab-bag post makes a second appearance in 2013.

Crafted for easy consumption, the grab-bag posts are for recreational amusement only.

Economist Calls Increase in PR Professionals a “Pernicious Trend”

The Economist Logo

Thankfully, my dictionary sits a click away.

Pernicious definition

Well, that doesn’t sound all that positive.

The Economist story goes on to leverage its crack data scientists who, after crunching and correlating the numbers, generated this ditty:

  • 2008 Ratio of PR professionals to journalists: 4:1

Now there’s an alert-the-media revelation that explains the plight of journalism.

But Enough About Me; Let’s Talk About Me

With the Tiger Woods marketing machine again running on full throttle, his agent Mark Steinberg conducted an interview with Businessweek that made one point clear:

“I try to not let anything be about me. It’s about my clients. I kind of stay behind the scenes.”

Dude, talking to Diane Brady for the “Hard Choices” back page of Businessweek is not behind the scenes.

Then again, this line in the same story says it all:

“I don’t know if I’m a good agent or a great agency or a legendary agency.”

There’s a Place for Sweating in Public Speaking

Like before.

This guidance for public speaking comes from George Plimpton:

George Plimpton

The more you sweat in advance, the less you’ll have to sweat once you appear on stage.

Plimpton goes on to emphasize the importance of old-fashioned research:

Check the library for facts, quotes, books, and timely magazine and newspaper articles on your subject. Get in touch with experts. Write to them, make phone calls, get interviews to help round out your material.

While going to the library sounds quaint – keep in mind this was written pre-Internet – the point to learn far more than you’ll ever use in your talk is good advice.

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