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Is it just me or does it feel like there’s been an acceleration of time since the pandemic slammed the world in early 2020? I can’t believe we’re already counting down the days to the year’s end.

In a year that marked the Agency’s 35th anniversary, we had our best year ever. Typically, when you hear those words “best year,” it only refers to financial performance. That’s not what I mean, although the Agency did enjoy strong growth. Our definition of “best year” can’t be captured in a spreadsheet.

If you’ll indulge me in a quick stroll down memory lane. The concept behind starting the Agency was a simple one. If we maniacally focus on the work and client service delivery — and win clients whose budget and expectations align — financial performance should come along for the ride.

This concept still underpins the Agency’s operation. True to the Agency’s vision, we increasingly depend on multiple channels, not just earned media, to execute campaigns that solve client pain points. This type of work also keeps us above PR commodity hell. And oh, by the way, integrated campaigns put a premium on critical thinking and creativity. It all adds up to a virtuous circle.

As we seek high-value assignments, we recognize the importance of being stewards for our own brand. We need to look the part.

Finally, we do.

The new website has certainly been a huge part of our facelift:

We originally planned to bulldoze our site in 2020. While unexpected events delayed construction, it feels good to have a “face” to the outside world that reflects who we are.

I also want to call out the work of a global task force that distilled our culture down to its essence:

Thoughts on 2022 Geeks at Heart Logo for 35th Anniversary

When this task force commenced its work, I was dubious whether they could create something that truly captured our ethos. I was wrong.

In closing, I’ve always enjoyed writing for this platform. As a writer at heart — as well as a geek at heart — it’s been the perfect forum to share my perspectives without the copy going through the meat grinder — known as the review process. Unfortunately, the demands of my day job have meant moving the blog down the priority list, which I expect to be the case in 2023 as well.

Wishing everyone a new year filled with connection, health, laughter and stories (naturally).

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