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Sociagility - Ranking the Global PR Agencies in Social Media

Every PR agency claims social media expertise.

As the “train wrecks” demonstrate, it’s not always true.

With this in mind, Sociagility has rated how global PR agencies perform in applying social media to themselves for the second consecutive year.

To put science behind the quest, Sociagility uses what it calls the PRINTTM methodology to rank the global PR agencies across four channels:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Here’s how the data rolls up into the overall ranking:

Top Global PR Agencies in Social Media

  1. Edelman
  2. Ogilvy PR
  3. Euro RSCG
  4. Ketchum
  5. The Hoffman Agency
  6. MSL Group
  7. GolinHarris
  8. Lewis PR
  9. Grayling
  10. Cohn & Wolf

I’m pleased to exclaim, “We’re number 5!”

I thought that being above so many mega shops – agencies like Weber Shandwick and Burson as well the tech-focused agencies – was worth the exclamation point.

If you’d like more details, Sociagility constructed an interactive scoreboard where you can compare all 25 agencies.

While I’m pleased with our ranking, I still feel the need to repeat our internal mantra:

Social media is not the prize.

It’s one of many tools we use to help clients fortify their online presence. In fact, we’re putting together an e-book that discusses the intersection of social media, digital, storytelling and traditional PR.

And we recently completed a new addition to our website aptly named, “The Digital Door.”

There has never been a better a time to be in the communications business.

All the changes and chaos create opportunities.


  • Bill

    Here, here! Congrats, Lou.

    Agreed that social media shouldn’t be the prize. We all know it’s issuing the press release :>)


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