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PR public relations company culture

Every PR company with a pulse wants to differentiate.

It’s not easy.

Client centric.



These words and others show up again and again in agency descriptions.

In updating the Hoffman overview for the Council of PR firms, we strived to take the audience behind the curtain.

Here goes:

Do you perceive communications as a “game-changer” in your business?

The Hoffman Agency takes on assignments which fall under the “yes” category.

Defining communications broadly to include digital, content marketing, thought leadership as well as traditional PR, The Hoffman Agency knows how to differentiate brands and deliver air cover for sales. With a heritage in the technology sector, the firm’s work today cuts across a range of industries.

For clients with global needs, the company operates in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. Unlike traditional agencies handicapped by their silo structure, The Hoffman Agency applies a collaborative approach to implementing multi-country campaigns. This leverage of content and thinking across geographies ultimately generates better results.

While campaigns vary by client and industry, all share one theme: the creation of content that reflects the tenets of storytelling. This means developing narratives that prompt journalists to write and target audiences to read – a far cry from the “corporate speak” that satisfies internal stakeholders. Toward this end, the firm conducts storytelling workshops for internal communicators, executives and employees.

Such progressive thinking extends to tactics such as influencer relations. Often, PR professionals fall into the trap of contacting influencers only when they need something, usually a briefing and coverage, resulting in a transactional relationship. The Hoffman Agency makes a point of contacting influencers specifically when clients DON’T need something. These types of interactions cultivate stronger relationships.

Even on the operations side, The Hoffman Agency walks to a different drummer. Eschewing the traditional focus on the financial side – measuring account people based their “billability” – the firm adheres to the belief that if you deliver great work to the client, financial performance will follow (as opposed to the numbers being the lead pin). Named PR Agency of the Year in both the United States and Asia by PRWeek magazine, the Agency operates eight offices worldwide, covering Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.

Less chest beating.

More details on how we deviate from the status quo.

We’re in the early days of retooling how we present ourselves to the outside world.

Let the storytelling begin.


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