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Peter Guber - Tell to WinPerhaps 2011 will go down as the “Year of Storytelling.”

Peter Guber’s much anticipated book “Tell To Win” officially comes out on March 1 (book review in the works).

Plus, I’ve noticed more dialog within the business community on storytelling – more specifically, does it work?

That’s really the ultimate question and one that inevitably surfaces when I’m talking to an executive.

My rationale for storytelling always starts at the same place.

Brands should be using storytelling techniques in their communications for one simple reason –

Virtually every brand wants to sell products or services.

Ultimately, part of the buyer’s decision-making process involves trust.

Do I trust the company to deliver on its promise?

Do I trust the company to make things right if something goes astray?

Of course, the amount of trust required before purchasing a Boeing 787 airplane is going to be different than the trust required to buy a ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins … although I was taken back the other day when I ordered my standard single scoop of burgundy cherry and noticed the lad doing the scooping had less than ideal hygiene.

But here’s where there’s common ground regardless of the type of purchase.

Before you will trust a given company, you need to know that company.

You’re not going to trust someone or a company that you don’t know.

That’s the power of storytelling.

There is no better way for a brand to help the target audience know it than by telling stories.

If you’re interested in more fodder on this topic, check out the post “Storytelling as a Platform for Trust.”

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