Six Competencies of the ...


The Media Management Center at Northwestern University recently came out with a report called “Six Competencies of the Next Generation News Organizations“.

The introduction scopes the report’s objective:

Advances in technology continue to spur great innovation in media — especially in the news industry. At the same time, these rapid-fire innovations have upended the ways in which news is gathered and distributed and threaten the financial core of the news business. This study seeks to identify technology trends that will have an important impact on the future of news reporting and delivery in the near term. Like a scout surveying the frontier ahead, this report also explores technologies to come and recommends ways news organizations can prepare themselves for ongoing and impending change.

While I can’t say the 92-page tomb is an easy read the recommendations around six capabilities that news organizations must build or strengthen to compete in the changing media landscape did catch my attention.

Lo and behold one of the six capabilities captured is “The Complete Storyteller.”

I think we can all agree that the “Incomplete Storyteller” is not the way to go.

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