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The language in most job descriptions is deadly dull.

It’s as if 99 percent of companies borrow from the HR playbook, “Vanilla Job Descriptions.”

Companies may tout people as their valuable asset, but they pay scant attention to the crafting of job descriptions for recruitment.

I have a theory on the disconnect.

The best writers in a company, those who can apply storytelling techniques to the subject at hand, tend to be part of marketing or sales or public relations. They don’t sit in HR.

I continue to revisit this topic because our own recruitment shows that storytelling makes a difference. The following LinkedIn ad for a freelancer editor/publisher generated over 90 responses with many falling into the A+ talent quadrant:

Job Description

It’s not enough to write great content.

That same content needs to be packaged in a way that appeals to the reader.

That’s the essence of this role.

Our director of editorial services is the best in the business (yes, we’re biased, but it’s true). When she takes a vacation or the workload spikes, we need additional support.

That’s what this role is about.

The primary priority revolves around editing, proofing and packaging copy.

More than dismiss dangling participles and catch typos (red handed), how the copy looks in the hands of the reader counts too.

For example, the role will involve putting together RFIs/RFPs for new-business opportunities that entail:

  • Creating a cover page with a dash of panache
  • Breaking up the copy with visuals – often screen shots of online articles – so the words don’t appear dense
  • Owning the overall “look and feel” of the deliverable

Given that these documents can be 50 or more pages, it’s not a job for the squeamish.

That’s why this role is more than copy editing.

Ideally, this person can also navigate PowerPoint with a sense of design, not a production mentality.

And several intangibles tie to this role.

  • Nimbleness.
  • Can-do attitude.
  • Care for others and the end product.
  • Collaborative.
  • Always pushing for excellence.

If this role sounds like a fit for your background and what motivates you, we’d love to hear from you.

Conversational language alone can differentiate a recruitment ad.

Personalize the copy and insert a twist or two and you’ve got a compelling narrative.


  • Kami Rice

    I just applied for your company’s advertised freelance writer role precisely because the ad copy was so interesting and compelling. I usually quickly scan and then delete LinkedIn’s “these jobs may interest you” emails. Your company’s inclusion of “(Storyteller)” in the heading caused me to click. The ad copy caused me to apply. My thought: “I want to work with people who write like this. There’s energy and excellence here.”

  • Lou Hoffman


    Appreciate the positive feedback and interest.

    Your resume stood out. The clever use of subheads (“Been There, Dont That”) shows how a few words can bring a different vibe to a document.

  • Kami

    You’re welcome, Lou. Glad to hear my resume stood out! And I will be glad if it continues to stand out throughout your entire search. 🙂


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