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Taking the “every company is the media” mantra to the next level, Intel publishes the Free Press.

While I’m not big on the name – it is free, but not exactly the cleverist moniker – the execution is pretty darn good.

Which brings me back to tattoos and one of the articles in the Free Press that investigated the tattoos that adorn Intel employees.

Fairies. Dragons. Leprechauns. Paw prints. Chakras. A praying mantis. There’s no end to the variety of tattoos Intel employees have indelibly inked onto themselves.

Apparently not.

You can see a sampling of the tatted chip heads below.

intel tattoo story

Why does a semiconductor company scour the globe to find and photograph employees with tattoos?

It’s all part of the macro communications objective to show the company’s humanity through storytelling, a topic addressed a few months ago in Putting A Face On A Company.

I’m impressed with the Free Press and how Intel articulated the mission:

Our goal is not to duplicate the news and cover every major milestone or event from Intel. Nor do we want this to be the kind of news you may find in a press release. We aim to capture and share interesting behind-the-scenes stories that provide insight into what’s going on inside Intel and indirectly, the tech industry.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the property, I hope to interview the “editor” (put in quotes because I don’t know if that’s his official title) next month.


  • Jayme Soulati

    Thanks for sharing this link with me! It’s so cool to see what a Fortune company is doing in the name of — branding, storytelling, PR, marketing excellence, content marketing, social media, and new consumer brand loyalty!

    Who knew?!

  • Lou Hoffman

    You’re right.

    The deeper you dig into Intel’s storytelling and the brand building, the more you find.

    I particularly like how Intel uses its chief anthropologist Genevieve Bell to bring humanity to the brand.

    P.S. Enjoyed your post on Intel’s storytelling at


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