Telling A Story Nobody ...


I’ve pointed out that advertising gets narrative.

That’s why when an ad badly misses the market – like the country of Georgia touting its corruption ranking – I tend to notice.

So it is with this ad from Oklahoma City that appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

okc ad

Out of all of Oklahoma City’s assets that might appeal to the business community, they chose to sell a “fast commute.”

To borrow from Curly in “City Slickers,” is this really THE ONE THING to move the perception of a business exec to the “I’m-intrigued” category?

I don’t think so.

What causes people to care about your story?

It has relevance.

It teaches.

It elicits empathy.

Or it amuses or even entertains.

To call “three interstates meet plus more high-speed urban loops” amusing would seem to be a stretch.

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