Thanksgiving Levity ...


I have discussed the concept of a “word visual” in which the words handle the heavy lifting for an image that doesn’t require deep design expertise.

For PR pros who typically major in mass communications, journalism or English, the “word visual’ establishes a path to visual storytelling that’s particularly useful for social channels.

One of my favorite “word visuals” is this timeline from Scott Bateman on how Thanksgiving day for one family serves up drama before the football games.


Thanksgiving chart timeline by Scott Bateman


I recognize that this type of levity can’t be applied to business communications. Still, the timeline offers a few mini lessons worth pointing out.

  • Design: This is what I mean by not requiring deep design expertise. The timeline consists of a bar, a line and words. A fifth grader could create this visual on a mobile phone.
  • Details Fuel the Storytelling: We don’t just learn that the Dad is in love. He’s set his sights on “that one checker at Wal-Mart.”
  • Show, Don’t Tell: Actions carry the narrative with the adjectives and adverbs accentuating select parts of the story.

Beware of potatoes that came to be from passive-aggressive mashing!

Hoping everyone has a relaxing and drama-less Thanksgiving.


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