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I suppose there’s a reason that “time flies” became a cliché.

It does.

I think 2015 saw a better product from Ishmael’s Corner. It certainly looks better, finally bulldozing the original design and bringing the “look and feel’ into the 21st century.

And with Ron Howard resurrecting the “Moby Dick” narrative, a new audience learns to associate Ishmael with storytelling. 


OK, that’s a stretch.

Back to the product, this year’s 100+ posts covered a lot of ground.

Which brings me to what I consider to be the top 10 posts from the lot with five coming at you today. I’ll share the second half of Monday.

  1. Executives Struggle with One of the Most Effective Storytelling TechniquesSorry We're Closed 12-15Politicians have mastered this technique. McKinsey has written on the topic as a part of effective leadership. Unfortunately, the conventional rules of business push executives away from what should be a standard part of their arsenal. This post explores the “why” and how to change this way of thinking.
  2. The Gift of Desperation 

    I do find the irony in our life cycle as a company taking on the shape of the classic arc with bad stuff happening before righting the ship. The Holmes Report naming us a finalist for Tech PR Agency of the Year caused reflection on the journey to get back to “rock and roll” mode.
  3. The 12 Weirdest “National Days” Reveal Potential PR Strategy
    Is there really a “National Two Different Colored Shoes” day?Tall Blond Man 12-15It turns out the French movie classic was ahead of its time with national days celebrating different shoes, talking in elevators and sneaking zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch. This post explores a potential PR strategy in all the weirdness.
  4. TSA Shows Its Visual Storytelling Chops 

    Nobody likes airports. Running the security gauntlet at airports is right up there with going to the dentist and watching Brady Bunch reruns. That’s why the Instagram account from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) caught my attention. The TSA walks a fine line, balancing the seriousness of its role in air travel with “life is better than fiction” visual storytelling. When I wrote this post, the TSA’s Instagram account had a little over 250,000 followers. It now has 382,000 followers. Cause and effect?
  5. 49 Days in Provence, Terminé 

    The “assignment” in Europe afforded me the opportunity to air out my brain. With the various tugs on my time in Silicon Valley — in the spirit of honesty, some self-induced — it can feel like I’m sprinting from one fire drill to another. In this post, I recount the rhythm of my days in Europe which allowed time to take a breath and think. Of course, living in the South of France has advantages that Heather and I enjoyed to the hilt.Aix Street 12-15

As mentioned earlier, I’ll continue the count down on Monday with the rest of the list.

I hope you’ll tune in.


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