The Best Storytelling Posts ...


I’m tardy in capturing the best business storytelling posts during the first half of 2014.

As always, figuring out the “best” combines popularity (number of views) and what rated high on my personal amusement scale.

Here goes:

It turns out you can (and we do). Simply breaking down your coverage by news-driven vs. non-news coverage can be revealing.

With Mother’s Day as the backdrop, I peppered Ruth Hoffman with questions about the PR profession. To bastardize a Bill Cosby line, “Moms say the darndest things.” Check out the interview in this 90-second video:


I thought this headline nailed it. When the transaction was first announced, I questioned how the transaction would benefit clients. It turned out they couldn’t even figure out how to make the deal work for shareholders. This post re-enacts the squabble between the CEOs on deciding who would be the acquirer and who would be the acquiree.

I loved this example. The same folks who publish “the molecule of the week” broke down the chemical composition of Sriracha in a video that garnered mainstream media attention. Levity in storytelling does make for a potent formula.

Communication professionals can learn a ton about storytelling from their advertising brothers. When you’re shelling out $4 million and change for a single ad, it has a way of tuning one’s senses. This Budweiser ad that ran during the Super Bowl shows how the classic story arc can be teased out in 60 seconds. In short, bad stuff happens in good storytelling.

Budweiser pully ad Storytelling

On Monday, I’ll publish the rest of the list which comes with a heavy emphasis on visual storytelling.



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