The Bursting of the ...


My predictions for Silicon Valley in 2011 highlighted the bursting of the cupcake bubble.

Yesterday, Kara’s Cupcakes showed up on our door step with a box of cupcakes and a note that read:

Here is a little piece of the bubble before it bursts. Enjoy!

How can one not be impressed with their sense of humor and ability to move on a dime at the grassroots level.

Thanks to the art direction and photography of my wife Heather, here are a few pre-bubble photos of the cupcakes.

Hoffman Cupcakes 1

Now, an aerial view.

Hoffman Cupcakes 2

And a tighter shot, again from above.

Hoffman Cupcakes 3

But there’s something deeper going on here.

The unexpected.

It’s not just storytelling that benefits from the unexpected.

The unexpected in life can inspire, amaze or simply prompt a smile.

Even the unexpected in a mundane form – taking the garbage cans to the curb on Wednesday night without being asked – can cause an unspoken “wow.”

I’m thinking a little more unexpected in the world would be a good thing.


  • Donna Maurillo

    If they’d been dropped off at MY house, they would not have lasted long enough to pose for a photo. However, they might have been included in my weekly food column. Or at least the crumbs…

  • Lou Hoffman

    It took considerable will power to transport the cupcakes from the office to my home … motivated by the fact that if I could complete this step the post would benefit from my wife’s photography skills.


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