The Chauvin Trial Verdict ...


Today’s verdict brings us to the close of a year-long fight for justice that re-ignited a larger discussion on police brutality and systemic racism in the United States. We’re relieved that justice has been served to the officer found responsible for George Floyd’s death, though our hearts remain heavy with the loss of Floyd and countless other black Americans who have fallen victim to this widespread failure of our law enforcement system.

We hope that this verdict serves as another step in re-building an America where all, regardless of race, creed or color can live freely and without fear, especially fear of those sworn to protect the people and uphold peace. Our thoughts remain with Floyd’s family, along with the hundreds of other families whose lives have been torn apart by senseless racial persecution. We remain committed to helping create a more equal country and more empathetic culture.

The Hoffman Agency

Sidenote: I watched the mayor of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota last night discuss the police shooting of Daunte Wright. He said “it’s not safe to drive in Minnesota while you’re Black.” He went to share the racial profiling he’s experienced. While I felt a sense of relief that the jury in the Chauvin case came to a verdict that was so clear to anyone who watched the video, I also recognize the verdict needs to be a catalyst for police reform across the country.


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