The Corporate Speak vs. ...


Dare I say, storytelling has become downright trendy in business communications.

“Narrative” has officially entered the PR vernacular.

Yet, just because words like “protagonist,” “story arc” and yes, “narrative,” get bandied about doesn’t guarantee storytelling has displaced corporate speak.

The SlideShare deck, “The Return of Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak,” shares some of the science and anecdotal evidence on why storytelling works. It also allows you to assess whether your communications are best described as corporate speak or storytelling.

The fact that the deck has earned more than 37K views in a few weeks offers yet another indicator that people care about the topic. By upgrading to SlideShare Pro (which we did some time ago), you can drill down to the next level of analytics and see what’s behind those views.

SlideShare in the right hands has the potential to be a “poor man’s YouTube.” Like video, it’s a terrific platform for storytelling in the sense that it’s visual, so the viewer doesn’t “work” to consume it.

I think I just evangelized a platform for storytelling by creating a story on storytelling for that very platform.

Who’s on first?

P.S. Hopefully, the search algorithms don’t punish me for keyword stuffing.

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