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I came across this photo of Heather and my parents rambling the streets of Singapore a few years ago to celebrate the Agency’s 20th anniversary of operating in the region. It triggered several thoughts on the role our global footprint (Europe + Asia + U.S.) plays across business and life in general.

Sure, our expertise with multi-country campaigns differentiates the Agency and drives growth. Yet, it’s much more than this. I’ve always believed the best PR people are intrinsically curious. Our global footprint feeds this curiosity which in turn helps us attract A+ talent.

This business side of our global operations overlaps — not going to use the verb “bleeds” — into my personal life. My family and I took an assignment in Europe some time ago. Heather and I have hosted countless dinners for overseas visitors. It is work. But it’s not work. It adds dimension to my life.

The journey has been an amazing, fun, torturous, weird, satisfying, frustrating and enlightening.

And I believe the best is yet to come.

P.S. A colleague just scooted a note my way that the photo makes me look deceptively tall. In keeping with our quest for transparency, I stand five-foot-four.


  • Fallon Godwin-Butler

    Wonderful post! I also believe there are many connected elements to a global footprint in business and life. I am especially drawn to your statement, “I’ve always believed the best PR people are intrinsically curious.” This is spot on because I believe the creative and strategic elements of PR are driven by curiosity. Exploring that inquisitiveness can be fed through global experiences or thinking globally, if you will.

    Thank you!

    • Lou Hoffman

      Thanks Fallon. Appreciate you taking the time to share your POV.


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