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BuzzFeed has gone Fortune and its Original Trust Content one better.

Instead of cranking out BuzzFeed-like content for corporate-owned media, the publication will teach you how to draft stories like the pros.

That’s right. You too can write scintillating headlines like “15 Reasons Taylor Swift Might Be a Cat” or “27 Better Ways to Eat Ramen.”

It’s another form of journalists reaching into corporate pockets with the value proposition, “We can help with that burdensome chore called content development.”

BuzzFeed announced the service with the following news release:

BuzzFeed Launches Social Storytelling Creator Program

Notice anything?

For the media property that pioneered jarring the reader, no one would mistake this news release as click bait.

“Shape the program”

“Determine best practices”

“Craft ideal program elements”

C’mon, fellas.

I’ve taken the liberty of reframing the news release with BF panache.

BuzzFeed To Reveal Secrets in Writing Stories That Scream “Read Me You Moron!”

That’s better.

Now you need some visuals.

Where are those cat videos with the “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” sound track?

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  • Juliet Niczewicz

    Lou, you’re headline take is much more in line with BuzzFeed’s philosophy (and hilarious). They could certainly learn from you.

    • hoffman

      Thanks for the comment. These parodies are fun to write!

  • Marsha Collier

    I want to put this post on a billboard!

    • hoffman

      Thanks a ton for the positive words.

      I had hoped to get a rise from BuzzFeed – and snag a crumb or two of their traffic – but no cigar.

      As I’ve devoted more posts to the “amuse” category, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for what will play in Peoria. If there’s a correlation between the amuse quotient and traffic, it alludes me.

      I’ve had friends tell me that I once I bulldoze the wretched “look and feel” of the blog and deliver a design that reflects the 21st century, these posts will do better.

      But I’m not so sure.

      We’ll see.


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