In Honor of Mother’s ...


I’ve written 1,009 posts including this one.

I don’t know if my Mom has read all of them — suspect she took a pass on my tirade about the city of Middleton’s proclamation of “Mustard Day” — but she’s been an avid reader of the blog.

She claims that the blog is an extension of my youth: “You always liked telling stories.”

I’m not sure that’s a compliment.

A few years back I was in Tucson visiting my parents and decided to put my Mom’s knowledge of the PR profession to the test. With my trusty videographer, my brother Jerry, and an iPhone, I interviewed my Mom. Our budget didn’t allow for a sound engineer, so you’ll likely need to turn up the volume on your device.



It’s true that she “graciously agreed to answer a few questions,” but in the spirit of full disclosure the $50 gift card from Amazon ensured she wouldn’t get cold feet.

Yes, my Mom is a good sport.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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