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Breaking the Top 10 storytelling posts for 2016 into two parts, I published the first part last week.

Here’s the second part, again reflecting the varied facets that make up today’s communications in the business world.

In spite of the massive changes in our industry, media relations and PR storytelling still matter, an apt way to kick off the rest of the list.

6. Applying Supply-and-demand Economic Theory to Media Relations

The contentious relationship between journalists and PR comes down to PR often “selling” what journalists don’t need. Speaking at the Holmes Report Innovation Conference in March, I shared a path to reduce the friction with journalists, namely to develop content that aligns with what journalists value, not what internal stakeholders value.

7. How Does a B2B Customer Story Crack The Wall Street Journal?

man pushing boulder up hill to wall street journal illustration

For those who toil in B2B PR, the pursuit of business media is not a job for the squeamish. It takes more than a product announcement to open doors at a business publication like The Wall Street Journal. With this in mind, I reverse-engineered a story from a B2B company that landed in the business media for lessons learned.

8. Explaining the Trump Election to Our Asia Pacific Team

I’m sure many global companies headquartered in the U.S. discovered that their employee base was experiencing their own version of heartburn over the Presidential election. Would their company’s character now start to take on the hue of Donald Trump? To diffuse this potential letter, I sent out an email to our Asia Pacific team.

9. Tyrion Shows Persuasive Language, Not Slides, Wins the Day in “Game of Thrones”

Like millions around the world, I’m a big fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” For those in the business of communications, episode 8 of Season 5 delivered a case study in persuasive language when Tyrion makes his sales pitch to Daenerys to land her chief advisor role.



We created a SlideShare deck on Tyrion’s epic performance.

10. Is $4 Toast and the Tech Industry Still Ruining San Francisco?


Spoiler alert, I don’t think $4 toast and the tech industry are ruining San Francisco or the rest of Silicon Valley business climate for that matter. Are there pretentious people in Silicon Valley who will joyfully overpay for goods and services to show off their “superior taste”? No question, but one man’s pretentiousness is another man’s lifestyle.

To all those who periodically stop by the neighborhood, thank you.

I appreciate that no commodity is as precious as time, not even toast topped with jelly from fair-trade berries.

And if you think I’ve missed a post deserving of Top 10 status, feel free to let me know.

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