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2011Welcome to the midway point of 2011.

Time flies when you’re telling stories.

I’ve captured my top-10 list from the past six months.

1) Q&A With 12-year-old Creator Of “Good Morning Geek,” Max Swisher 

This interview with Max shows that blogging wisdom comes from all quarters. Of course, I had to ply Max with hot cocoa to get him to open up, but it was $3.50 well spent. Plus, the dialog got an unexpected boost when Max’s English teacher weighed in.

2) How Clients Get The Most Out Of Us

One benefit from 20+ years of operation is the amount of historical information allows you to see clear patterns. After scrutinizing what causes client relationships to work or go south, we put together this SlideShare deck. I did get one email that said the Aunt Zelda slide was harsh.

3) Storytelling Techniques Behind Google Announcement On Larry Page Named CEO

It’s true that the media automatically pays attention to the mega brands. But it still takes expertise to capitalize on the attention and bolster the brand. In reverse-engineering Google’s announcement that Larry Page would soon take the CEO reins, one can clearly see the storytelling techniques in action.

I’ll admit it. I was a smidgen star struck when Alexander McCall Smith – yes, the author of Mma Ramotswe and the No. 1 Ladies Detective series – dropped by the neighborhood, letting me know I could “use adjectives carefully and to great effect.”

5) There’s Enough Room In This “Town” For Both Storytelling And Keywords

Writing fresh takes and paying attention to SEO are not mutually exclusive. This post shares my personal experiences in balancing the two with the result being increased traffic from organic search.

I’ll share the second half of my list on Thursday.

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