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2011I shared five of my favorite posts from the past six months yesterday.

Here’s the second half of the list.

6) Book Review: Entertainment Value Of “Tell To Win” Sugarcoats Lessons In Storytelling

I liked the fact that Peter Guber’s book “Tell To Win” brought more attention to the business storytelling cause. In spite of the Fidel Castro anecdote changing from what appeared in a Harvard Business Review article to what appeared in the book, it’s still a worthy read.

7) Q&A With The 85-year-old Voice Behind “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

The beauty of social media and specifically blogging is if you’ve got a fresh take you can build a following. This interview with Millie Garfield explores how she does it (and shows you’re never too old to have spunk).

It had to be said. I said it. I was surprised this didn’t cause more of a reaction. Again, I defy anyone in the universe to find one customer who has ever uttered the words, “Wow! Now, that’s a great message.”

9) Exploring Language With Slang Lexicographer Jonathon Green

I enjoyed connecting with Jonathon Green to discuss his Dictionary of Slang. Needless to say, if someone devotes 17 years to writing a dictionary, the person must have an affinity for language.

10) The Op-Ed As A Platform For Storytelling

I strive to use Ishmael’s Corner as both a forum for discussion and education. Peter Chalk at Rand Corporation penned an excellent op-ed on piracy for The New York Times. This content served as a vehicle to examine how to craft a winning op-ed (defining “winning” as published in a mainstream media property).

My first post of this year talked about changes to the blog which would hopefully make for a better read, cause more dialog and attract more readers, my version of the trifecta.

I welcome your feedback.

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