In Case This Wall ...


Yes, President Trump capitulated last Friday, and the U.S. government is once again open for business.

But his quest for a wall isn’t going away, and it has nothing to do with securing our borders. Instead, Trump is looking to establish a symbol of his legacy that works better on Instagram than a presidential library. Plus, he’s not exactly a book guy.

With this in mind, the timing was right to remind everyone that the President has a Plan B if the funding for the wall never materializes. Actually, it’s his Plan C since Plan B involved Mt. Rushmore.

Read on.


White House insiders have confirmed that President Trump plans to replace the Statue of Liberty with one of himself.

This was his fallback plan after his quest to join Roosevelt, Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington on Mt. Rushmore proved tougher than it looked. Apparently, President Trump thought the faces on Mt. Rushmore were sculpted out of clay, not stone.

To the President’s credit and to those who question his attention span, once he grasped the situation, he did his homework learning that the density of granite rock is roughly 2.65 g/cm3 compared to the density of clay being roughly 1.33 g/cm3. Taking inspiration from Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting,” he worked out the problem on a chalk board.

Trump chalkboard.

Refusing to give in to this mind-bending quandary, he even conducted his own experiment soaking a piece of a granite rock with water to see if this might decrease the density into a moldable material.

It didn’t.

Not easily deterred, he trial-ballooned the idea of replacing Jefferson — “he had a nice head of hair too” — which would reduce the cost, but determined that the backlash would be an unnecessary distraction.

Mount Rushmore President Trump

Hence, the decision to move forward with the Statue of Liberty — a straightforward exercise of replacing the current statue with one of himself.

As President Trump shared with his closest advisors, “This isn’t about me. This is about giving the people a monument that can unite us and heal us. It’s time to move forward as one.”

The White House leaked the artist’s rendering captured above.

According to President Trump, the current Statue of Liberty and inscription symbolize everything that is wrong with America:

Why the hell do we want to let in immigrants who are tired or poor? We should be doing just the opposite. If we’re going to let in any immigrants, let’s let in the ones who are energetic and rich. That’s how we create jobs. I know some extremely wealthy Venezuelans — no, they don’t have as much money as me, but believe me, these people have money — and they would love to live in America. Many already have condos in Miami.

He went on to say:

Immigrants who are poor and tired drag down the economy and take jobs that should be going to Americans in Michigan and other states that voted for me.

My sources tell me that the President is already interviewing candidates to rewrite the inscription with something that’s more upbeat and reflects today’s America.

It’s a safe bet that “huddled masses” won’t make the plaque.


This is my personal point of view.

Leadership comes in many forms — the prickly personality of a Steve Jobs to the Dalai Lama and a temperament that never swerves out of his lane.

What emanates from the White House today is not leadership. I’m not exactly sure what it is.

Here’s what I do know. Leaders care about the greater good. Leaders put their egos aside to help others succeed and make sure they enjoy the periodic pat on the back for a job well done. Leaders recognize that what is best for the team or the company or the country isn’t necessarily what’s best for the leader on an individual basis.

Which explains why narcissists fail at leadership.

Before publishing this post, I asked myself the question, “Would this post hurt the Agency’s business?” I think the answer is no, that prospective clients don’t care about my political views. They simply want the best agency for the assignment at hand.

If it turns out that there are one or two exceptions to this theory, I can live with it.


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